MGT Dried Fruit has left a great impression on Walnuts Market in Iran by exporting large scale of Walnuts to all around the world. MGT Dried Fruit Company focuses on Customer’s Satisfaction that’s why Our Walnuts are supplied with the highest quality. MGT Dried Fruit Company has distributed Walnuts covered by very thin shell and are easily broken even by Hands. There is no doubt that WalnutWalnut seeds are more on demanding that Walnuts with hard shell by themselves. Walnuts are rounded, single-fruits. Walnuts are made up of a few layers’ Green skin, hard shell then the seed of WalnutWalnut which is presumably the most common and highly used, is used for Export. It takes a long time that walnuts be fully grown and formed that’s why it is one of the rare nuts during a year. Walnuts are full of calorie and protein which mostly consumed by athletics. Walnuts are also consumed in roasted eggplants, Cakes, Chocolates, Candies, Confections. Walnuts are also recommended for breakfast meal which promotes brain’s function during a day. Walnuts are also utilized in various seafood and other Asian dishes. Walnuts have always been expensive in Iran due to its domestic usage and comprehensive nutrition values.

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