MGT Dried Fruit is a seller, supplier and exporter of Raisin in all kinds of Iranian raisins including Sun dried raisin, Sultana raisin, Golden raisin, and Green raisin in different grades and qualities. Iran is the third largest exporter of raisin in the world before US and Turkey with more than 240,000 MT annually raisin export. At the September, grapes are reaped, so our expert consulters start to buy good quality crops from farmers and then depends the kind of raisin requested the process operations manipulate in our factory. Process includes some of same operations for all kind of raisins like washing, cleaning, sorting, controlling and packing but they are different in drying manner. Our raisins are double sorted, metal detected with exact required specifications provided. Iranian raisins come in different colors and are differentiated according to the drying procedure and the location. The major kinds are below:

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