It is worthwhile to mention that Iran is the first producer of Dates in the world and Saudi Arabia second, Egypt as the third country. The Production of Dates has always got some benefits one of which is that Date Sugar (Date Syrup) extracted from Date Fruits. Date Sugar or Liquid is a fabulous alternative for White or Brown Sugar. Cakes, Sweets, Candies, Confections should be made of Date Syrup rather than other useless harmful sweeteners. Date Syrup may show up as a distinctive replacement for Cake, Pancake, Waffle batters. Date Liquid (Syrup) is not easily dissolved into water and some experts suggest adding boiling water can be very effective for Date Sugar to be dissolved. Date Sugar is a good source of Mineral materials. MGT Dried Fruit Company as one of the main supplier of Iran Dried Fruits, has exported so many barrels of Date Syrup or Liquid to numerous countries where Date Syrup was the major alternative for Sugar. As a result, MGT Dried Fruit Company is trying to reach a point that all Countries become the main importer of Date Syrup from Iran, especially MGT Dried Fruit Company, whereas our Rivals have not managed to reach to that Point yet. Date Syrup is strongly recommended for baking and cooking. MGT Dried Fruit Company makes the best use of Date Syrup in preparing concentrate, sugar, and honey liquids. Date Liquids are also beneficial during coldness and illnesses due to its hot nature. MGT Dried Fruit Company knows the business inside out, having exported various types of Nuts and barrels of Date Syrup.

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