Iran has got special potential in preparing Barberries and exporting it to many countries. Barberries are consumed in various cuisines including Spanish, French, Russian food. In Iran a type of Special food is eaten adding Barberries on the Rice.

MGT Dried Fruit Company has been one of the main suppliers of Cleaned and Fumigated Barberries in Iran due to its cutting-edge machineries for processing Barberries. Our main customers for Barberries are Russia, Poland. MGT Dried Fruit is specialized in processing Barberries in a way which is exemplary and practical. For instance Baked Chicken with Rice added by Barberries is one of the main special delicious foods In Iran. Barberries are also utilized into Donuts, Fruit Juice Shops, Rice, and some special Cakes. The barberry has got shrub with 2500-year medicinal past. Barberries are red berries which have always been one of the beneficial products around the world.

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