MGT Dried Fruit Company has been one of the potential suppliers whose reputation is well-known for the unique and permanent quality of Almonds. MGT Dried Fruit Company is competent enough to distribute large scale of Mamra Almonds to all the countries around the world, notwithstanding these features.
Sliced Almonds are utilized into Cakes, Sweets, Candies, Confections. Home-made Cakes benefit from Mamra Almonds.

MGT Dried Fruit has vast amount of Mamra Almonds with various sizes from 80-90 Pieces Per 100 Grams up to 150 Pieces per 100 Grams. Almonds are available throughout the year due to its high amount of calories, it should be noted that Iranian Almonds are known as Mamra Almonds and very popular around the world . Mamra Almonds are far better than California ones in terms of Taste, Color, Size, Calorie and it includes all of the nutrition values in comparison to California Almonds.

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